I’m getting a dog soon, what should I get? 


Whatchu wanna know?

So! Times they are a busy busy but I really want to put up a Mametown on Monday. Something! Anything! So, I’m going Tyler Oakley style and doing an old school Q And A. Sooooo….. (see title above)

*Also SIDE NOTE: I know there have been a lack of Mametown and YDADs the past few months. Im planning fun stuff for them coming up! Just remember, if there aren’t as many videos  (from myself or any one else for that matter) it probably isn’t a matter of laziness. In fact, I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my life making cool shit that ya’ll just don’t get to know about yet! (insert sun glasses lowering on to my face) Deal with it.

This was fun. Thanks Fine Bros!

Shooting more Picture Day eps for @ilovemakeupyt I AM TIRED. #godblessmascara

Shooting more Picture Day eps for @ilovemakeupyt I AM TIRED. #godblessmascara


Just found out my old college girlfriend is now somehow famous..huh life’s weird! I didn’t even know being a “YouTuber” was a thing!

Ummm I don’t know who this is. Literally. Not real!


Welcome to Camp Takota Tumblr

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We need Truth or Dares for our NoFilter show tomorrow! Remember, we have to do these on stage so as much as I’d love to do a Fart Sound Board challenge while skydiving, it probably aint gonna happen!


Tomorrow you can come with your tickets from the Wiltern and there will be a table where you exchange for new tickets. See you crazy cupcakes there!!

He felt it coming. San Fran, do you feel us coming? #NoFilter is here tonight! Tix available!